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International Year of Soils

Macaulay Scientific Consulting Limited (MSC) is a leading environmental consultancy centre offering unparalleled experience in soil and water consultancy, and land evaluation.

A wide range of research, data and consultancy services are available to public and private sector customers involved in land and environmental management both within the UK and internationally.

Our aim is to provide expert advice and information for land managers, scientists and policy makers, based on a wide range of advanced analytical techniques, laboratory and field studies, computer modelling, and expertise in the understanding of science, government policy and the regulation of industry.

Our team of highly experienced staff are able to provide comprehensive technical expertise and knowledge of a range of environmental issues providing high quality, knowledge based service fulfilling a broad spectrum of industry requirements. We are able to offer services ranging from full scale Environmental Impact Assessments to individual technical studies.

Please use the links below find out more about our principal areas of work or download a booklet outlining the services available (3 MB pdf).


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